Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Link to final requirements are HERE. 
Final is due Friday, 12/15 at end of school day.

Monday, November 27, 2017


This week we're going to work on stand-ups.

Examples of stand-ups:


  • LN Basketball tournament next week
  • North's Got Talent
  • Christmas traditions
  • Thanksgiving thoughts
  • Surviving stressful finals
  • Preparing for finals
  • Key Club "Adopt a Family"
  • EIP Winter Wonderland
  • Wrestling begins practice
  • Swim begins practice
  • Student jobs
  • Other ideas?!?!?
This week:
  • Today: pick topic (first come and first serve) and make a plan
  • Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday: Shoot and edit
  • Friday: Watch

Next week: Start on FINAL!!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

After Effects Project

Use one of these tutorials to create an After Effects project:

Disintegration Project
Video in Text
Glitch effect
Rain effect
Translucent glass
Animated polygon
Pop up circle animation
Accent Explosion 2D Motion graphics
Neon Text animation

Or find another one you like. Point of this assignment is to dig into After Effects and make something cool. DO NOT just sit around and talk in class this week; After Effects is not easy. You can't just start working on this at the last minute.

Monday--be ready to export and turn in
Tuesday--watch in class

Monday, October 9, 2017

6 shot story

Your next assignment...create a story with 6 shots. That's it.

Examples are HERE and HERE


  • Students will tell the story of their specified subjects in just six shots. 
  • No two shots can be alike; in other words, students must use six different shots from six different camera angles.
  • Every edit must be from a different distance.
  • Students will be marked down for two shots in a row that are the same or similar.
  • Shots should be at least three seconds, and no more than six seconds. Thus, the whole project would be between 18-36 seconds. DO NOT GO OVER
  • NO audio...can add NON-COPYRIGHTED music
Shots to include:
  • Wide
  • Medium 
  • Tight
  • Very tight
  • Bird's eye
  • Worm's eye
Each person does their own project!

Use a camera or your phone...but it MUST be steady. 

Tuedsay--come up with idea, do storyboard. Check storyboard with me before shooting.
Project due EXPORTED by Tuesday, 10/17.  Will watch in class Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Voiceover Assignment

Write voiceovers, not graphics


You'll be assigned a part of the building with your partner
Record an interview with someone IN THAT LOCATION, ABOUT that location
         Need to have 2 different questions
         Need to have b-roll with a variety of shots--(going forward, always expect to have tight, 
         medium, wide b-roll shots without being told)
Record a voiceover to begin the story, in-between the shots, and voiceover/standup/soundbite to close

Order should be like this:

  • Voiceover w/b-roll to open
  • Interview
  • Voiceover w/b-roll to transition
  • Interview
  • Close; voiceover w/b-roll

While you have the same location and might use the same interviews, you need different projects. You'll both edit and turn in your own project.

Fieldhouse--Mason and David
Eagle's Nest--Lauren and Caroline
EGG--Jett and Brandon
LMC--Dylan and Ella
Weight Room--Elias and Alex
Learning stairs--Sam and Bailey
Cafetaria--Jacob and Alec
Front office--Madison and Joey and Dalton
Aux Gym--Jack and Michael
Back glass hallway--Meghan and Spencer
Parking lot--Tyler and Grace
Stadium--Emily and Damiyon
Totem pole--Jack and Henry

Thursday--scout location, prepare questions, think of interviewees
Friday--b-roll, interview
Tuesday--b-roll, interview
Friday--DUE and begin watching

Monday, September 11, 2017

Interview Assignments

Link to Presentation for today for review:
  • Interview Assignments and details:
  •     You have until the beginning of class on Friday to get:
    • Interview with Teacher with 3 questions--remember, have them restate the question!
    • 4 different pieces of b-roll-- 
      • Wide Establishing Shot, Medium Shot, Close up, Extreme close up
  •      On Friday, ALL these pieces need to be on your laptop ready to use. DO NOT come to .             class on Friday with clips still on camera/phone.
  • If the teacher doesn't want the interview during 6th hour, you MUST ask them for a time they prefer: before school/after school, lunch, study period, etc. I can write a pass if you need it. Same with b-roll. You'll have 3 days to get the interview and b-roll. 

Greg Jones (jgjones)--PE-- Meghan Hammond
Lance Moore-- Pe-- Mason Bemis
Ken Peek--PE-- Dylan Burroughs/Henry DeVry
Andy Lierman--PE--Elias Ealey
Wendy Sohm--Art--Jett Buck
Wendy Turner--FACS--Samuel Eggleston
Rolland Yoakum--Science--Jacob Eickmann
Amanda Self--Science--Madison Gabbert
Leigh Burgener--Math--Jack Gahr
Ron Lathrop--English /French--Tyler Jenness
Kelly Lock-Mcmillen--English--Emily Johnson
Stefanie Van Scoyk--German--Jack Kankiewicz
Dan Luellen--Social Studies--Damiyon Larabee
Miles Hochard--Social Studies--Grace Livia
Dr. Justin Doss--Band assistant--Spencer Lombardo
Caitlyn McCollum--special services--Michael Mosley
Jim Helton--Special services--Joey Nigro/Dalton Kaiser
Kevin Nelson--Science--Alec Powell
Michael Klug-hall monitor--Bailey Redford
Lyndsey Perry--LMC--Alex Schnoebelen
Mary Kunkel--Guidance Secretary--Ella Trinidad
Heather Anderson--Front Desk--Brandon Simon
Esther Harder- Office Secretary--David Yak
SRO officer--Caroline Utz

Friday, September 8, 2017


Today, you will be scattering throughout the building to observe quietly and think of story ideas. 

Go quickly to your assigned area and do some observing. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? What seems strange? What do you observe? BE QUIET and just observe. YOU MUST THINK OF OUR NEWS ELEMENTS FROM YESTERDAY. WHERE DO YOU SEE ODDITY, PROXIMITY, PROMINENCE, ETC.????

Based off these observations, pay attention to those "curiosity questions" that come to your mind. Why do students keep gym bags on top of their lockers? Why is Mr. McCabe talking about the bell schedule with Mrs. Combs? Why are students wearing strange clothes?
NOW--turn those questions into story ideas!!

Take your laptop, and as you are observing and thinking, add your story ideas/questions to the correct Padlet page Each GROUP needs a minimum of 10 story ideas, and you must be back in the room by ______ Don't forget to put your name on it and the location you were assigned.

BEHAVE! If you go into a classroom, be quiet and sit in the back. Do not disturb the students or the teacher. If I hear negative comments, you will be in big trouble and grounded to the room for future stories.  

  • Group One: Use THIS PADLET 
    • EGG- Mason and Elias and Jacob
    • LMC-- Lauren and Emily and Brandon
    • Counseling office/Main Office-- Jett and Sam
    Group Two: Use THIS PADLET
    • Eagle Avenue-- Tyler and Ella 
    • Cafeteria--Dylan and Joey and Dalton
    • Nurse's office-- Madison and Meghan and Grace

    Group Three: Use THIS PADLET
    • Fieldhouse-- Jack G and Spencer and Michael
    • Aux Gym-- Damiyon and Alec and Henry
    • Learning Stairs-- Grace and Bailey and Caroline
    • Upstairs in new wing-- Jack K and David and Alex